What’s special about Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1

The new face of Google’s Android One platform is Xiaomi Mi A1. It is an essential smartphone for Xiaomi because Xiaomi has not launched any flagship smartphone in the market this year. There is a similar situation for Google because its older Android One handsets were not successful.

Xiaomi Mi A1 like Xiaomi’s other handsets also have curiosity among customers. But you would be surprised to know how consumers respond to Xiaomi’s popular MIUI operating system on Android.

Let you know that Xiaomi started as a software company. Miui was Xiaomi’s first product.

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi is now bringing a new handset on the brand new platform. Xiaomi Mi A1 has started Xiaomi’s new series. But the future of this new series will depend on customer feedback.

It is also clear from the launch of Xiaomi Mi A1 that Google is now committed to its Android One program. Or it is also possible that Xiaomi is the first Android phone to be one of the earliest handsets of this service. Xiaomi Mi 1 is the best dual camera smartphone. Also, its specification is also high, and Xiaomi is telling it of the flagship smartphone.

Today, in this article on TechWife, you are telling Xiaomi Mi A1 about how this Smartphone is for you.

Xiaomi Mi A1 design

Looking at it, at first sight, it becomes clear that it looks good and it is a premium range device. Apart from this, it is much better than the Redmi series. Due to this metal body and 2.5d curved edge glass, the front panel looks very nice and beautiful. Curved edges make hands feel comfortable. There is no branding on the front which is good according to us. You will see Xiaomi’s logo and one of Android’s tags underneath the phone. According to us, Xiaomi Mi A1 current Xiaomi product lineup is a beautiful and handsome phone in my hands.

The software experience is also different. However, it also gives a sense of the old Xiaomi product. And we can also say that it seems to be a small version of Xiaomi Mi Max2.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Specifications and Software

We can also say that Xiaomi Mi A1 is the Xiaomi Mi 5X international version launched in China last month. Because of, the specification both of the smartphones is almost identical.
Xiaomi Mi A1 has a 5.5 inch full HD display, with 2.5d glass protection on it. In addition to this, it has 4 GB RAM with the Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. It has an inbuilt storage capacity of 64 GB, apart from this, we can also use micro SD card as needed. Xiaomi Mi A1 comes with Hybrid Dual SIM support. If you do not want to use MicroSD card or not, then you can put two nano SIMs in it.

There is also a feature of Fingerprint Scanner, which is on its back side.

This smartphone has a USB Type C port. If the battery is talked, then it has 3080 mAh. There are two camera sensors on the back side. Xiaomi is also marketing this feature with the loud noise.

You will find two sensors of 12 megapixels in it. It is a 2.2-aperture wide angle lens, along with the second f 2.6 aperture telephoto lens. This camera setup exactly got us to see the flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 I also see. Due to telephoto lenses, you will also get the 2X optical zoom. This is a feature we think about this price.

In the camera app, there is also Portrait mode like iPhone 7 Plus and One Plus 5. The front panel of Mi A1 also has a 5-megapixel camera which comes with real-time bufferation. Mi A1 also has Bluetooth, wifi, 3.5 mm audio jack with 4G VOLTE. Like other Xiaomi smartphones, the Mi A1 also has infrared emitters at the top. Xiaomi has also been given a separate headphone amplifier for great audio quality in this smartphone.

If we talk about the software, then this Xiaomi phone runs on Android 7.1.2 nougat. If we look at today’s date, then this is the new OS for smartphones. As this is an Android One device, this will guarantee software update for 18 months from Google. Which is the best in itself? This means that the smartphone is also scheduled to get the Android 8.0 oreo update.

In addition to Google brand apps, Xiaomi has many software features in Mi A1, as you know Mi Remote and Mi Store apps. In this, we will not feel the lack of Xiaomi’s software feature

Features of Xiaomi Mi A1

If we talk about its performance or software, Xiaomi Mi A1 is a powerful smartphone. In this smartphone the touch screen is very fast in August, as well as switching between apps in the middle it did not slow down. The viewing angle of the full HD display is fine.

Mi A1 has Xiaomi’s own camera app because Google’s default camera app is not just dual camera support. Its camera launches fast and also automatically autofocus. Xiaomi has claimed that you can also take great portrait short by Mi A1 dual camera.

With Mi A1 Xiaomi, Google is also very hopeful that this time Android One has been made part of a little expensive price smartphone. That’s why customer feedback will also be eagerly waiting.

Let us tell you that Android One was first launched as a cheap device worldwide.

Still, the path to Google’s Android One device will not be easy. The reason for this is that there is already a Moto G5S Plus with two rear cameras with Stock Android in its price almost in the market.