What is the use of F1 to F12 keys

use of F1 to F12 keys

Use of F1 to F12 keys

Today we are going to tell you about the function of computer F1 to F12 keys on TechWife so that your task can be straightforward. This key facilitates the use of computers.

As you know, office or our home, we have to use a computer for our email or personal work. Many people also do different types of courses for computer learning. In this case, I hope that all of you know about the computer. But still, we do not have much small information about computers. As such, what is the use of F keys on the computer? F1 to F12 keys that are given in the keyboard. What is their use If you do not even know about these F keys, today we are going to tell you about these Keys on your popular site TechWife.

How to use F keys

F1 key

Whenever you are using any program, and you need any help while working in that program, then this key is handy for you. By pressing this F1 key, you can get help related to it. The Help Window will open in front of you once you press the F1 key.

F2 key

This key is also handy. By this, you can rename any of your files or folders. To use it all you have to do is first select that file or folder and then press F2 Key. By doing so, you can rename your file or folder.

F3 key

We can use the F3 key to open the search in any application.

F4 key

We can use this F4 key to close the window of any application, for that, we have to do it, we have to press Alt + F4 Key. After that, it will close “active window.”

F5 key

F5 Key works to refresh any application or window.

F6 key

This key helps you to move to the address bar of your internet browser. After pressing F6, it takes your cursor over the address bar of your internet browser.

F7 key

Microsoft Word has a lot of usefulness in our lives. Whenever we are working on Microsoft Word, and we need to do “spell check and grammar check,” then we can use this F7 key.

F8 key

Whenever we turn on the computer, and at that time we need to go to “Boot Menu,” then we can use this key.

F9 key

This key can be used to refresh the Microsoft Word document, and this key comes in addition to the “Send and Receives” option of email in Microsoft Outlook.

F10 key

We can use the F10 key to open the menu bar in any application.

F11 key

We can use this key to make the browser full screen.

F12 key

We can use this key to open “save as” dialog box in Microsoft Word.