Top 11 Best Torrent Sites You Should Try



Best Torrent Sites: The top torrent sites currently include favorites like The Pirate Bay, along with preferred sites like KAT, RARBG, Limetorrents, TorrentProject and also 1337X.

There are a variety of popular non-English torrent sites that exist also, like 7tor, RuTracker, Pirateiro, ArenaBG, NT, and also Pirate Public. They’ll be harder to make use of for your English-only downloaders however might have that one file you’re after.

That said, we understand that the best torrent site is always the one that has the high quality torrent you’re after, and also with one of the most seeders, so a large and also complete list of torrent sites, like you’ll locate in the below, is constantly a welcome resource to find.

If you’re new to torrents, do not forget that you’ll require a torrent client to get these files!

Below is a big list of torrent sites, more or less in the order that we choose to search from.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (sometimes abbreviated to TPB) is an online index of digital content of entertainment media as well as software. It permits visitors to search, download as well as contribute magnet links and also torrent files, which facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing amongst users of the BitTorrent protocol.

The past year has been relatively peaceful for the well-known torrent site, which is currently running from its domain name. Ensure you don’t fall into this trap by simply visiting The Pirate Bay at its one and only original web address and searching through the Pirate Bay search box, not via Google or other search engines.



The pirate bay is what is referred to as a public tracker anybody can publish torrents for content and also anybody can download those torrents. It’s up to the individual to securely download files without downloading a virus.

TPB It has been around in one incarnation or another for a very long time and also the torrents are, and also have always been, trusted here.

Frequently crossed out as a TIFY/YTS imitator right after launch, most users find YTS.AG torrents to be high quality and also legit. Not all other torrent sites enjoy with the ‘brand hijack’ and several are actively prohibiting its releases.

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The various other web site likewise has some movies, but it’s NOT comparable to as well as has too many annoying advertisements.


This resembles a super torrent index, searching for torrents across dozens of other torrent sites.

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The meta-search engine is open regarding the fact that it’s not connected to the “actual” Torrentz and also positions itself as a new as well as improved version, searching over 60 other torrent sites.


This is a site, founded in 2008, that offers torrent files as well as magnet connect to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing utilizing the BitTorrent protocol.

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RARBG, which started as a Bulgarian tracker, has actually acquired the hearts and also minds of numerous video clip pirates. Movies and TV-shows with a its tag are an usual view on other torrent indexes also. The website was founded in 2008 but just made its first appearance in the top 10 in 2015.

This torrent site is for P2P fanatics. It’s full of quality, high-resolution torrents. It’s about quality right here, not quantity.


This is an additional torrent site you do not intend to skip in your serach. The site’s driver additionally launched the torrent cache iTorrents a few months back, which is made use of by a number of other torrent search engines.

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Users like the dimension of their database as well as the regularity of legit files.


Their torrent database isn’t really virtually as large as some others, however it may have just exactly what you’re after.

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The site improved, kept growing in web traffic, as well as lately turned out a brand-new design too.

You won’t discover every torrent you’re after right here. However users state the quality of the torrents you do find is regularly good. The original TV-torrent circulation group EZTV closed down after an aggressive takeover in 2015. New proprietors declaring ownership of the brand.

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The new group currently operates from and also releases its own torrents. These releases are outlawed on some other torrent sites due to this controversial history.


TorrentProject is a familiar name in the torrent scene. The site makes use of DHT to discover content.

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TorrentProject has around 10 million torrents indexed as well as is a typically cited preferred.


isoHunt is an online torrent files index as well as database. Where visitors could surf, search, download or upload torrents of various digital content of mainly entertainment nature.

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This has actually gone through a lot of adjustments. However also in its latest incarnation, is an incredibly popular torrent search engine.


Toorgle is an additional “meta” torrent search engine.

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It is drawing in the data sources from over 450 torrent sites right into one location.


TorrentDownloads has been around for a number of years. The big database and also high quality of torrents make it an excellent choice.

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Yet it is actively blocked by ISPs in several countries.

Note: TechWife does not excuse illegal sharing of copyrighted product. While P2P file sharing technology is totally lawful, most of the files traded via P2P are undoubtedly copyrighted.