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Best Free Open Source PDF Editors

Nowadays, the importance of online PDF editing has increased in this digital world. And the competition of the open source PDF editor in the Internet world has increased.

I mean by open source pdf editor. The PDF editor lets you free PDF editing.

We want all good open source PDF editors online. If you also want to know about online free PDF editors. So for this, I have also written a post. You may also read about free PDF editor for Windows 10.

There is so many PDF editing software available in this world. But there are some drawbacks to this too.

So today I will discuss with you about the free open source PDF editors on Tech Wife. That will help you a lot with PDF editing. You may also install these free PDF editors for Windows  operating system.


PDFedit is a very good PDF editor tool. And this PDF editor is mostly used.

Along with this, this PDF editor offers all those free features. Which is available in the open source PDF editor software.

This PDF editor is mostly used as a PDF reader. But the functions of PDF editor are also available.

Users in this PDF editor can easily detect words or phrases and sections.

You can also use this PDF editor to edit the text or to add an image.

It also gives you the facility of deleting information from a PDF file. You may like this PDF editor open source.

PDFedit - open source pdf editor


  • This PDF editor supports multi-platform.
  • This PDF editor does not take much space on your computer.
  • It can also convert files.
  • You can also personalize this PDF editor.
  • This PDF editor also provides you with many advanced features.
  • You can also password protect a PDF file.


  • Some of its features do not work.
  • And some other features will show you the error message.
  • There is a lot of difficulties in using this PDF editor.

For PDFedit: Click Here


Inkscape is also like other PDF editor tools. But this is used much more. Because this PDF editor tool is available with good performance and more features.

Vector graphics are used to edit PDF files. This is completely open source PDF editor windows. Which you can download and use for free.

It does all the essential work of the PDF reader. And this open source PDF editor offers you all the features. Such as adding or removing text, adding or removing images and many other PDF editing tasks. It is very useful PDF editor open source.

The best thing about this PDF editor is that its portable version is available. So that you do not need to install this PDF editor.

Inkscape - pdf editor open source


  • It allows you to export in a PNG format.
  • This PDF editor’s user interface is very good.
  • This PDF editor is completely free.
  • There is no need for more space to install in the computer.
  • You can easily edit your PDF document.


  • It stops in almost all computers.
  • This PDF editor is also slow.
  • There are no more tools available in this PDF editor.

For Inkscape: Visit here

LibreOffice draw PDF editor

LibreOffice is a great software for PDF editing. Apart from this, it is a free as well as open source PDF editor.

This is Powerful software just like MS Office. This PDF editor open source offers you almost all the features related to PDF editing.

LibreOffice is also a huge alternative to Microsoft Office. You may enjoy this PDF editor open source.

LibreOffice draw PDF editor - open source pdf editor


  • With this PDF editor, you can easily edit your PDF file.
  • This PDF editor tool can add and delete the PDF file page.
  • You can also edit text and images from this PDF editor.
  • It also provides support for file conversion.
  • It also offers import and export facilities.
  • And this signature feature is also available to you in this PDF editor.


  • Its user interface is not good.
  • And the navigation menu option is also not easily understood.
  • You do not get support for cloud options in this PDF editor.
  • Occasionally you get confused with original and backup files.
  • You can not send mail directly to Windows Live.

For LibreOffice draw PDF editor: Click Here


PDFSam is also a PDF editor. Which provides you with many features related to PDF editing. As such, splitting and editing of PDF files and merging PDF files.

This is an open source PDF editor. You must use this PDF editor once. It offers many features for you. You may find this useful free PDF editor open source.

It is a java application and it can run any device running Java runtime.

This is a PDF editor Java application. Along with this, it can be used on all devices. Only that device supports Java runtime.

PDFSam - open source pdf editor


  • You can reorder PDF files in this PDF editor.
  • Multiple pages can also merge.
  • You can also split the pages of the PDF file using this PDF editor.


  • You need Java Runtime to use this PDF editor.
  • In the beginning, there is some problem in understanding this PDF editor.
  • The visual document of this PDF editor shows the compressor error.

For PDFSam: Visit Here

Apache OpenOffice Draw

Apache OpenOffice Draw is a very good and popular tool. It does its job well.

It is very easy to use as a PDF reader and a PDF editor. Also, this is a good PDF editor open source.

This software has given good features for many PDF editing. As such, editing text, customizing PDF pages, can also save in different file formats.

Along with this, this software also offers you import and export features. You can try this PDF editor open source.

Apache OpenOffice Draw - pdf editor open source


  • It supports a variety of operating systems.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can also make a spell check by this PDF editor.
  • It provides you with many good features.


  • Its user interface looks old.
  • It takes a lot of time to get started.
  • It gets quite slow and stops at the time of the editing of the big document.
  • There are many problems related to the function when using Excel.

For Apache OpenOffice Draw: Click Here


Open source PDF editors become available for free. But it also has many advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is that it is available for free. So that, we can do PDF editing for free.

Despite being a free PDF editor, it offers us many good features. So that we can do basic tasks of PDF editing easily.

In addition, there are some drawbacks in open source PDF editor. As such, the open source PDF editor is not constantly updated. We have to face many difficulties. And we can not use new features.

And we do not even get good support in open source PDF editor. The problem of operating system support is always persisted.

But for free, we can easily do a task related to PDF editing by choosing a good open source PDF editor. And many good open source PDF editors are also available for this. That which is constantly updated.

So you also have a good open source PDF editor to select from this list and complete your PDF editing related work.

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