SoundCloud Review: Stream Free Music Online

SoundCloud - Stream Free Music Online

Know about free music streaming website and app like SoundCloud.

All you have to know about SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a best free music streaming site. Other than this, You can also use the free music downloader app and free music download sites. Which provides you the music of new songs and upcoming artists.

On this music streaming site, users can upload audio files or songs to their music from anywhere. And you can listen to this music from anywhere for free.

On this music streaming site, you can listen to your favorite songs. Along with this, you can also navigate to SoundCloud’s website. Even while navigating, you can control playback through the pop-up media player. This will always appear at the bottom of the website.

You can find your favorite music on SoundCloud’s website. Along with this, it will show you new content in the Discover section of SoundCloud’s User Account.

On this website, you can easily listen to music of your choice. And with that, you can also play and play new tracks on it.

SoundCloud can also be used on your web browser. Apart from this, you can also use SoundCloud’s smartphone app.

Which is available for many platforms such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices and Android etc. For these apps, you can visit the link on the app by going to SoundCloud on the mobile page.

Note: In addition, you can stream music on your smartphone using the list of Top 27 Best Free Music Downloader Apps on TechWife. In this, I have told about many good free music downloader apps.

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SoundCloud Good and Bad:

There are many good features of this music streaming


  1. A lot of content is available on this music streaming website.
  2. You will not see ads while listening to music.
  3. You continue to receive new upload music on this music streaming website.
  4. It supports the music streaming site Scrubbing. Which means you can move and forth through music
  5. The design of its app is minimalist.
  6. It’s easy to use.
  7. You do not need to create a user account to listen to music.
  8. Other than this, You can use your user account at the same time, on different devices.
  9. You can also upload your audio files.
  10. Apart from this podcasts feature is available.


  1. You can not find the same music. Which is available on other music streaming services.

SoundCloud Review - Stream Free Music Online

Other features of SoundCloud:

  • You can find new music by genres. Such as Disco, Dancehall, Country, Ambient, Metal, Indie, Alternative Rock, Trance, World, Classical, Dubstep, Deep House, World, and others.
  • Apart from this, you can also easily find music through the Charts page on this music streaming sites. On this, you can enjoy top 50 music as well as new and hot music.
  • You can also listen to music from other countries using a country filter. Such as United States, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.
  • While searching for your favorite music, you can filter search queries in many ways. As such, length, when they were uploaded and you can also search on the basis of the license.
  • You can also create custom playlists of your choice.
  • When you like Song So, SoundCloud is gathered for you. So that, you can hear it again.
  • You can also follow other users on SoundCloud’s website. So that, you keep getting his updates.
  • Along with that, whatever Song you listen to. You will see this below the song. That, how many times it has been heard. And how often it has been liked.
  • On it, you can play the same music with the repeat button, no matter how many times you play it.
  • Users can also write their own comments on SoundCloud’s website.
  • You can connect your Facebook account to this music streaming website. So that you can follow your friends too.
  • The desktop version of SoundCloud gives you a recommendation based on the music listening activity.
  • You can also share your favorite music with social media or email.
  • You can easily control playback, even with keyboard shortcuts.


SoundCloud is a good music streaming platform. It offers the freedom to share the music with the whole world with the new artist.

Apart from this, you also offer free online streaming of new music.

You will also like its mobile app. On this, you can easily find music of your choice.

Easily find the music of your choice on a genre basis.

When you log in to SoundCloud’s website. So it shows you several latest posts on the Home page.

This is the latest updates of the users you followed.

This proves to be very useful for you. Because this content shows you based on your interests.

Other websites like SoundCloud, show you commercial ads while listening to music. Which gives a lot of pain.

You can also use another website for free online music streaming. Such as YouTube and YouTube alternatives etc. But you can listen to music on SoundCloud’s website without advertising. It is quite convenient.

For SoundCloud: Click here

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