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Best Free Online PDF Editors

In today’s digital world, the PDF editor is very useful for us. But finding a good free PDF editors is not easy. Free PDF editors allows you to edit the text of any PDF file, add a graphic, change the image, forum fill up, and send your name.

Today I’m going to tell you about some good free PDF editor on TechWife, along with that I will tell you about the details of their features.

There are many good free online PDF editors too. Which you can use directly from any web browsers. You do not need to install any software or plugin for this. To use all these online PDF editors, you only have to visit their website.

And upload any PDF document. After this, you can change what you want to do. And finally, save your document and download it to your PC.

This is a nice and easy way. But there are some drawbacks to the online PDF editors. As it does not have all the features of PDF editing available. But in desktop PDF editor software we get all the facilities of PDF editing.

If you want to know about free PDF editor for Windows 10. So you can read my previous post about free PDF editor for Windows 10.

Free PDF editors do not support all features. And restrict some of these features.

You can edit the same PDF file in many online PDF editors. Such as using one of the PDF editors for PDF text editing. Whenever you want, you can edit the same file in any other PDF editors.


Inkscape is a very good and popular free image editor and viewer. But along with that, it also provides the facility of PDF editing. But this PDF editing facility is available in its paid edition.

Inkscape - free online PDF editors


  1. You can edit PDF text in it.
  2. Along with this, a lot of image editing can be added to you.
  3. It also facilitates manipulate graphics.


  1. The number of graphics editing tools can be overwhelming
  2. Supports with: Mac OS, Windows operating system, and Linux

Sejda PDF Editor

It also has a Sejda PDF Editor Desktop Version.

Sejda PDF Editor is a good PDF editor. This helps you edit the pre-existing text. Apart from this, the best thing is this. That it does not even add to its watermarks.

Most PDF editors only edit the text you add. And if you also offer the facility to edit pre-existing text. So he puts his watermarks on.

In addition, this PDF editors tool can be accessed in any browser. You do not have to install any other software for this.

But let me tell you this. That is, You can also download its desktop version.


  1. In it, you can edit the text. And add your custom text too.
  2. You can edit PDF by downloading this free online PDF editor from any other website using this free online PDF editor.
  3. A hyperlink can also be added.
  4. Signature tool
  5. You can insert the Blank page into PDF file.


  1. In this, you can only edit three PDFs per hour.
  2. More than Two hundred pages, the PDF file should not contain a page.
  3. It does not edit PDF files more than fifty Megabytes.

Sejda PDF Editor - free online PDF editors

Additionally, you should be aware of differences in the desktop version and online PDF editors.

As such, the desktop version of the PDF editor supports more fonts. But this does not give you the ability to PDF editing by URL.

Apart from this, Sejda’s PDF editor also offers you good features. That’s the web integration tool. In this tool, you can access the available link through any PDF publisher and edit your PDF.

Tip: Let me tell you here that both the desktop version of Sejda and the online version can convert from word to PDF and PDF into a word file.

All the PDF files you upload are automatically deleted in 5 hours.

Visit Sejda

PDF-XChange Editor

The features of many very good video editing are available in the PDF-XChange Editor. But let me tell you here, this feature is not available to use for free.

If you also use its non-free features So, it saves your watermark on the page of your PDF file.

But if you only need free features. So, you can use it. And after editing, you can also download your PDF file on your computer.


  1. This PDF editor uses OCR technology. So that, it can identify the text of your PDF file.
  2. This PDF editor supports QR codes.
  3. You may import images and shapes in this PDF editor.
  4. This is the portable version.


  1. To use most of the features of this PDF editor, you need a license.

Works with: Windows

Download PDF-XChange Editor

In this PDF editor, you can load your PDF from anywhere. Such as your PC, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, a URL and many more.

Once PDF editing you can download it on your PC. Alternatively, if you want to So, you can also store your PDF on any other file storage service.

PDF-XChange Editor - free online PDF editors

It is very easy to use this PDF editor. You can easily understand this tool. And all its features have been categorized well.

You can download this program in portable mode to use a flash drive or as a regular installer.

This is a very good feature of the PDF editors. That it highlights your form fields. So that, you can easily understand. That is, where you have to fill your information.

But in the free version of this PDF editor, it adds watermark to the page of your PDF file.

This PDF editor program offers you many types of features. As such, Add your own text to the PDF, edit existing text, Add or Delete pages from your PDF file.

Many features in PDF editor are available for free. But in order to access some of these features, you require to license it.

If you use these such features. Which is not available for free. So, it adds your watermark to the page of your PDF file.

PDFescape Online PDF Editor

This is a very good online PDF editor. Along with that, it is a very powerful online PDF editor. The best thing is this. That is, it is available for free. Unless the PDF file exceeds 100 pages And shouldn’t exceed 10 megabytes.


  1. You can use it online through a web browser.
  2. Provides you the ability to add text also image.
  3. There are so many tools available in this.
  4. You can add or delete any page in PDF file.


  1. It does not edit large PDF files.
  2. This tool does not edit already existing word or text.

Works with: Every operating system

PDFescape Online PDF Editor - free online PDF editors

On the online PDF Editors website, you can not actually edit the text and edit the image. But you can change images, links, own text, and form fields by this. Text tool online PDF Editors is very customizable.

So, you can choose your preferred font type, text size, color. Or edit the text. Such as, underlined, bold or italic etc.

Also, you can add sticky notes to your PDF, strikethrough text, insert lines, arrows, circles, ovals, put white-space over you want to disappear, comments and rectangles.

You may upload any PDF to the online PDF editor. Alternatively, paste the PDF file URL to an online PDF editor also create your own PDF.

When you have finished editing your PDF, Then, you may download that PDF file on your computer. You do not need a user account to download a PDF file.

If you want you can create your user account.

The Offline PDF-Editor of PDFscape is also available. But it’s not free.

FormSwift’s Free PDF Editor

It is also an online PDF editor tool. Which is very easy to use. You can also use this tool without creating a user account.

As I said, it is very easy to use. In the online PDF Editor Tool, you first need to upload your PDF file.

After that, go to its menu. Which is available on the top side of the page. From here you can easily edit your PDF document using the PDF editing function.

Once you have edited, you can also download your PDF file to your computer.


  1. An account is not required to use this online PDF editors tool.
  2. This PDF editor tool is available for free.
  3. It does not add watermark.
  4. With this PDF editor tool, you can insert an image into your PDF file.
  5. You can also add custom text to it.
  6. Makes it easy to draw, type, and upload your signature.


  1. You can not edit existing text in this online PDF editor tool.
  2. In the online PDF editor, you can upload a PDF file only from your computer. With it, you cannot upload from another location. Like, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  3. Accessing the undo button is not easy. But you can delete easily.

Works with: Any operating system

FormSwift's Free PDF Editor - free online PDF editors

Visit FormSwift

When you edit your PDF file. After that, you can also download that file. Or if you want to. So, you can print it too. More, you can also save that PDF file in the Microsoft Word DOCX document format.

Therewith, another feature ( has also been made available by FormSwift. In which you can quickly edit your PDF file. Alternatively, you can quickly edit or sign PDFs from your phone.

After this, you can share your PDF document with anyone. Or even download In addition, you can upload your word documents and images to FromSuift. If you want to edit them instead of a PDF.

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

You can easily use this online PDF editor. As such, text editing, add images, shapes, add a signature to a PDF and many more.

This is the online PDF Editor website. That is, you get the advantage of PDF editing. As such, you can upload your file. Then whatever can change in it. And finally, you can save your file in your computer too.

You do not need any type of user account to use this online PDF editor website.


  1. All its features are available in free.
  2. It provides the convenience of importing online PDF editor shapes.
  3. You can add more tax using this online PDF editor.
  4. You can also load your PDF file in this PDF editor from other sources.
  5. Can you want to erase


  1. You do not have the facility to edit this online PDF editor tool existing text.
  2. Works with: Every operating system

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor - free online PDF editor

Visit Smallpdf

You may open and save any PDF file in Google Drive or Dropbox through this online PDF editor.

You can import three types of shapes in this online PDF editor. Such as circle, square and arrow.

Once you add it, you can edit it in that object. As such, Color Change.

You can change the text size in this online PDF editor tool. Such as small, tiny, normal, large and huge etc. In addition, you can also change the color of the text. But in this PDF editor, you can choose only 3 types of fonts.

Once all editing is complete, you have to click Apply button. After this, you can download your PDF file.

In addition, you may run your edited PDF file in Smallpdf’s PDF splitter tool. It extracts any page from your PDF document.

PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro is also a good PDF editor tool. You may use the PDF editor tool for free. But there are some limitations of its free tools. It adds your watermark to each page of your PDF file.


  1. This PDF Editor Tool lets you add links, images, and custom watermarks.
  2. You can edit this text directly to the PDF editor, you can edit the text directly.
  3. Edit the background of the PDF file’s page.
  4. Easily edit embedded forms, You have in your PDF file.
  5. And You can also insert header and footer.
  6. It supports OCR technology.
  7. You can crop your PDF pages through the PDF editor.
  8. can extract, insert, rotate PDF pages, and delete.
  9. You can also password protect your PDF file.

PDFelement Pro - free online PDF editors


  1. Using the free version of this PDF editor, it adds your watermark to the pages of your PDF file.

Works with: macOS, Windows operating system, Android operating system, plus iOS

Download PDFelement Pro

PDFelement Pro PDF editor program is really a good PDF editor. But in its free version, it adds its watermark. But it depends on your use. That is, you make a difference in the watermark on the PDF. or not.

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