OnePlus 5 Review

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5

OnePlus is a company which, now, doesn’t need an intro. This is their flagship phone for 2017. I think this is the best looking OnePlus 5 phone to this day. It has a double camera on the back, and because they positioned it in the top left corner, it’s most likely to look similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a very clean and also minimal-looking design, super thin phone; it’s available in at 7.25 millimeters. It is their thinnest phone yet, and I like how it looks. I think a lot of people will certainly mistake this for an iPhone 7 Plus. I guess relying on who you are or just what you want your phone to do that might be a great thing or a bad point.

It has great build quality once more, as well as in its nude form it’s comfortable to hold. However, it’s truly smooth.

It’s their most expensive mobile yet as well as they have reused components from the earlier model the 3t, so we’ve obtained the same fingerprint reader same front screen layout 1080p AMOLED panel which isn’t a bad point. This is a good panel. This is a very good as well as an accurate faster fingerprint reader we do have a new rear real estate that’s slightly slimmer. It comes at the cost of one hundred million hours of battery capacity however it feels better in hand. And also they’ve added a brand-new dual camera arrangement which they guaranteed will give us a whole lot better photo quality now being a darker color here.

OnePlus 5


  • Superfast
  • 18-hour battery
  • Camera takes great portraits and low-light shots


  • No expandable storage
  • Design is uninspiring
  • Lacks water resistance

OnePlus 5 Specs

OnePlus 5


  • Midnight Black / Slate Gray


  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 (Octa-core, 10nm, up to 2.45GHz)


  • 3300 mAh (non-removable)
  • Dash Charge (5V 4A)


  • 64/128GB UFS 2.1 2-LANE


  • 6/8GB LPDDR4X


  • 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.25 mm


  • Anodized Aluminum


  • 153g

Operating System

  • OxygenOS based on Android™ Nougat


  • Fingerprint, Hall, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity,
  • RGB Ambient Light Sensor, Electronic Compass, Sensor Hub


  • Bottom-facing speaker
  • 3-microphone with noise cancellation
  • Support AANC
  • Dirac HD Sound®
  • Dirac Power Sound


  • USB 2.0, Type-C, Support USB Audio
  • Dual nano-SIM slot
  • 3.5mm audio jack

OnePlus 5 Design & Screen

This gray almost black light color that is susceptible to fingerprints as well as spots. And also you’re going to have to clean this possibly once every number of days. If you need it to look nice and immaculate now things did change up below with the camera modules naturally since we’ve currently got that 20-megapixel sensor that has an aperture of 2.6 then to the left of it is the 16-megapixel sensor with a low aperture of 1.7. This does not have any optical image stabilization. That I believe is a big mistake, Therefore, the Oneplus kit including the alert slider which is a great move I do like this it’s so simple without even looking at your phone to put it into do not disturb mode.

It does not rattle around or anything, so the build quality of that is great. And also on the right side, you’ll find the power button well. Personally, I would love to power and also volume buttons to be on the very same side because I’m simply utilized to that on various other MOBAs here. And you’ll find a reason the dual SIM tray which takes dual nano SIM. We still didn’t regrettably this yeah get any kind of micro SD card support. So there are no ports along the top of the mobile, but under as well the activity is below.

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Then the loudspeaker our type C port microphone and 3.5-millimeter headphone jack illumination top out at 900 lux which is very bright. You’re not most likely to have any problems with sunlight readability and the touch accuracy of the screen very good it’s very smooth very receptive. And you’ll see that being an AMOLED panel that those blacks are super dark. They’re virtually as dark as the bezels around it. So extremely hard to in fact see the difference between the bezel and the screen when it’s on even now one of the important things that you’ll notice that it colors are most likely to be a little saturated here. Because of the nature of an AMOLED panel right here but just what we do have naturally is settings in the resting menu so we can experience as well as you could fine-tune the color temperature levels reduce the saturation and even make use of the RGB modes there to get an extra accurate display.

Personally, I simply leave it on the standard setting so, on the whole, a top build from oneplus. It’s a flagship, and also it seems like a flagship equally. It’s good it’s great in hand the feel of it slightly improved certainly with those rounded edges.

OnePlus 5 Software & Specs

Now if you’re reading this review recognize that you’re mindful of these specs. It’s running the current version of Android which is 7.1.1. And at the time the view its oxygen OS 4 point five point three currently given that I’ve had this mobile they’ve been pushing out a lot of updates which is really good to see that. They’re on to repairing the problems that have actually been showing up there’s only been a mine a couple of things as well as some tweaks which are great to see now talk wisely.

It’s obtained the Snapdragon 835 as much as 80 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal u FS 2.1 spec storage. It’s obviously 4g with two nano sims no micro SD card slot as mentioned so ensure you choose the right storage choice for your needs there. And also it has a 3300 milliamp hour battery Wireless Air Conditioning GLONASS yes you name it it’s covering all of that.

OnePlus 5 Performance

There besides wireless charging, it lacks the ROM currently. And also its performance the optimization of the ROM is where the 1 +5 excel similar to the 3t. It is quick getting around going in between your apps the UI performs extremely smooth.

It’ll be one of the speediest Android phones you’ll have ever before used if you have not made use of the 3t after that you know what I suggest when you select one up. As well as I like the fact that it’s simply stock Android with some tweaks, so we get extra settings

We could find attune things as well as it’s quite good simply giving us an extra level of customization there currently I had not seen any type of performance issues really, however, I did see a couple of stutters and things for example in Chrome as well as a Twitter app when I got on earlier firmware versions, yet you see here that you can do some actual heavy multitasking.

I’ve got a lot of games running in the background of things as well as changing between apps returning every little thing just performs truly well. It does not slow down as swiftly as some other Mobile’s well now. Thanks to obviously having six gigabytes of RAM you could do heavy multitask in there so if I go back as well as locate Twitter.

We’ll have a look at the scrolling speed there which sure there’s been some concern I did see that jello effect that has actually reported was one of the first I believe to bring that up to bring that to every person’s attention there.

OnePlus 5

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It does not seem to actually be happening now that performance isn’t really the fastest presently because take into account. I’m running probably about ten different apps right here as well as around 3 or 4 of those eye games to make sure that’s going to have a small impact. And now on the most recent firmware update, it does not appear to be an issue for me I haven’t noticed it. And I locate the performance to the excellent on this mobile one of the most effective aspects of it continuing the subject of performance.

Wireless is excellent you can see these speeds below that are my max. I could get out of my fiber line but not just the speeds what really impresses me much like the Xiaomi me six is the fact that we’ve got that 2 times 2 antenna setup and also wireless so the range is excellent. I imply I can go from the other side of the home below. And also obtain very similar speeds. It’s pretty one of the excellent mobile phones when this comes to that the performance of the range in the speeds that you’re getting helped of course by the Snapdragon 835 currently 4G speeds, not a problem right here this is after that, of course, the fastest you could leave 4G. At the time there’s a lot of tourists below the populace is increased and also I’m not receiving the full speed so I can usually get out of 4G on my network. However, I have no doubt in my mind that it will get maximum top speeds there is no worry keeping that currently.

OnePlus 5 Benchmarks

Most of us know that they were captured cheating it’s a very good score yet benchmark societies you have seen the performance of the ROM is excellent. As well as real-life uses its great to ensure that if you like those numbers then below, they are Geekbench for one more top score there. And the internal storage speeds ufs 2.1 fleck blistering fast for a Smartphone really good checks out there. And also the arbitrary for the case to excellent now these are just some of the firmware updates that came via there have actually been a lot of solutions. They’ve been pushing that quite heavily.

OnePlus 5 Battery

Now on battery life currently it’s not comparable to my show me 6 with the exact same chip set. That’s the just another phone I have actually examined until now with a Snapdragon 83 5. That’s way, and I could overcome 10 hours of screen on schedule with the display set up to 200 Lux. And right here I obtained 2 hours currently exactly how that works out with my daily usage means I can obtain two full days of battery life better use which is great this is great for me.

Because I couldn’t do that with my Samsung Galaxy so I can not make two days of usage now throughout that test to get the eight hours of screen on time. That was constant use okay to make sure that’s the overall screen time simply utilizing it. I really did not make any phone calls that wouldn’t actually have much of an influence on that currently the first cycle I did this. I only had the screen on for I think it was about six hours I was a little dissatisfied because. But the second battery cycle it came with currently to be quite good I imply 8 hours isn’t really bad it’s just not as good as the v6

OnePlus 5 GPS

GPS just to discuss it perfectly fine actually accurate obtains the lock extremely quick owning around never shed my placement. As well as the accuracy maintained around three at the very best 3 meters of accuracy and also as much as around 5 6 when taking a trip in my automobile. But completely fine the performance is very decent.

OnePlus 5 Charge Times

So the phone wins documents when it comes to charge times. Thanks to this rather large – charger technology they have so utilizing their charger. And just their charger you can get charge times that are blistering quick 30 minutes. I times got me fifty 9 percent battery with the mobile on then fully billed took only one hour as well as twenty-eight minutes.

Again with the mobile on which is great, that is super quick the fastest I have seen yet. It’s just a little annoying that I would really prefer them to allow something a little extra standard. So I don’t need to constantly utilize this charger so if I leave the charger in the office back home. I can not take advantage of my Qualcomm quick charge 3, and even they could charge for a spec that certainly the a35 sustains.

OnePlus 5 Audio

So we just go single loudspeaker down the bottom which is sensibly loud the quality is fine. But it does distort at 100% volume. Allow’s have a quick pay attention to it that it is loud and also you possibly detected a little bit of that distortion there. It peaks at practically 90 decibels which are very good presently. The voice call quality great the other end centered fine to me I asked him how my quality they stated well was. They couldn’t hear any problems whatsoever to ensure that is fine now. The quality out of the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack situated under here is decent it’s good. However, it’s not like those phones that have real top quality decks in them. However, the volume-outcome might be slightly louder but total okay at all there’s no static or disturbance or anything like that.

OnePlus 5 Gaming

So gaming performance it’s smooth. But it does obtain a little rough in some cases which I locate to be unexpected thinking this is a Snapdragon 835 and Adreno 550 GPU certain you get playable frame prices. However, it’s not running 60 structures per second every one of the moment you see that choppiness now and then. And I’ve also noticed that it will certainly heat up and get up to around 39-38 levels on the rear which is quite cozy to the touch you could see the slowdown simply there.

OnePlus 5 Camera

The single most important part of today’s most buzz worthwhile Android phone is its camera. To the company that built it, this camera is the standout feature whereby its fifth generation phone will certainly be judged, yet the bigger picture is the Smartphone around that shooter.

With the 5, OnePlus joins the dual camera rankings, its primary shooter flanked by a second sensor made right into a so-called telephoto lens. This is similar configuration made use of by the iPhone 7 Plus. It means you could focus on a subject without chopping the picture, and also hence minimizing its quality. That could absolutely be found in handy, as well as I such as that it works in video mode too, however, while the second sensor is higher in resolution, it’s additionally got smaller pixels and also a smaller aperture, so it’s an inadequate selection for low light.

OnePlus 5 camera

Additionally, the portrait mode that’s meant to precisely blur the background is very finicky, as well as when I assumed I obtained it right, there was blurring as well as bleeding at the edges. On the plus side, there’s a professional mode here that’s great. It’s got a man-made horizon, a histogram, even though I do not actually recognize ways to read that, as well as manual controls.

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As usual, I located manual focus to be the most helpful for those times auto focus just does not work together, and also in both still and video modes, the primary camera could grab some beautiful images.

We do not have the optical image stabilization the low-light shots not really that good. So to me, the camera is hitting this it’s disappointing because the low-light performance isn’t really great, also neither is the video because it did not have optical image stabilization after that, on the other hand, you could get some extremely nice still shots in good light.

OnePlus 5 dual camera

Overall, the camera below readies, which opts for the selfie shooter in advance too. But I wish OnePlus had actually located a way to include optical stabilization, the lack of which was really evident when shooting in 4K, as well as given the hit or miss quality of portrait mode, I think the just genuinely beneficial thing about that second camera is the zoom.

Final Words

Okay so, on the whole, this is a great mobile phone I love the ROM on it. It’s so fast it’s quick really smooth the UI, and also the very best thing about it is you do not get all that awful bloatware as well as the applications you just get packed and forced after us with other manufacturers.

I hope they keep with this there’s one of the main I believe selling factors of this smart phone it’s just so fast it’s like stock Android however you have got that extra level of customization a few additional settings in there currently things. I really simulate concerning it the alert sliders great I enjoy that I could just snap that right into the quiet mode and also the fingerprint reader simply works so quickly.

It simply drops off to sleep or time for me I might do it today and also have it work ten out of 10 times which is great build quality excels although oneplus made a decision to play it secure. We do not have any renew features no seconds loud speaker so no dual loudspeakers no wireless charging they really did not choose to put possibly a different business display on there you understand simply forge ahead a little they believed well.

Currently talking price,

The Oneplus 5 cost $480 for the 64 GB model, makings it really prices affordable. The Oneplus 5 is packed with outstanding hardware for the money; this is like the poster young boy of the properly price smartphone. It has a premium aluminum build. This has a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, plus it is got a fast fingerprint sensor up front, on the back we have the dual camera system: 16-megapixel main shooter, 20-megapixel telephoto and incorporated they supply some very excellent photos especially in regards to dynamic range.

Inside it is packed with the high-speed processor, fast storage, as well as 6GB of RAM for the base model, the upgraded model has 8GB of RAM if you’re interested then the battery is 3300 mAh, and it will comfortably last you a full day of heavy use. There are a lot of phones in the sub $500 market, and also a great deal of them excel however If I needed to make a recommendation right now in mid-2017 it would be this one, Oneplus 5, truly satisfied with it this year.