Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows You should try

video editing software - video editor

Video Editing Software for Windows

Many people are looking of free video editing software since they have tons of videos. And They are eager to edit the videos either for better presentation or preservation.

Is there any free video editing software for Windows users that are really good?

If you are looking to edit videos, then the list below of 10 best free video editor will surely help.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor or video editing software is a surprisingly powerful, if unusual video editor.

It has tones of features and you can start absolutely free. There is vast array of filters, overlays, transition effects and also color correction capacities. This platform is designed to offer users with smooth editing experience. Thanks to its wide format support that aids to handle all popular media files with ease.

The program includes a host of transition effects, as an example. You can tweak colours, brightness, contrast, levels as well as more in a series of means.

There are options to apply blur or sharpen filters, flip or turn clips, tweak audio, add inscriptions  etc.

Wide file format support means the program could accept most audio and video formats, along with several still image types.

Free Video Editing Software

By default it’ll start by asking you to import all your clips. For instance, as well as these appear in a wizard. You could add your transition effects here, which readies. Yet you cannot reorganize the clips right into the order you require, initially, which really isn’t.

Import the clips anyway and also you would certainly expect to see them on a timeline, however you do not.

They’re hidden as component of a “scene” as well as don’t appear by default. You can show them, yet they can’t be rearranged as you might expect, because this is a “non-linear” editor.

Currently VSDC enables uploading files directly to YouTube in addition to have special export profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo.

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VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is a well designed video editor or video editing software that places powerful tools within reach of new users. If you’ve ever utilized Windows Movie Maker, you’ll reach grasps with its setups in moments.

This is an intuitive, feature rich and easy to make use of video editing platform.

Beginners can enjoy easy editing with its drag and drop kind timeline. And the tons of transitions, effects as well as speed modification features make customization much easier.

And the end results can be quickly published on social media networks like Flickr, Facebook and YouTube etc.

Video Editing Software

VideoPad Video Editor is totally free for non-commercial use. And unlike some free video editing software, it won’t apply watermarks to your finished projects when you export them.

If you’ve ever before utilized Windows Movie Maker, VideoPad Video Editor will certainly look immediately acquainted. Simply load your video clips, images and also sound files that you wish to include in your project. Then drag them into the timeline to start cutting them together.

There’s an excellent selection of transitional effects for moving in between clips. And also images, plus a collection of filters to give them a whole face-lift. You can preview the various filters with a solitary click; combine a number of to create a custom effect. And also decide for how long transitions need to last.

The most recent version of VideoPad Video Editor features:

  • Numerous enhancements to the 360-degree video mode
  • Including the ability to add a 2D video or photo to a 360-degree compilation
  • A scale parameter for the 360-degree effect.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free video editing tool or video editing software for Windows. You can make house movies by simple drag-and-drop. It contains features such as video effects, video transitions, adding titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, as well as Auto Movie. What’s more, new effects and transitions could be added as well as existing ones can be modified using XML code.

Windows’ consisted of video editing software is all about simpleness

There’s really no easier way to combine your clips right into digital movies with titles, transitions, background songs, and effects. In earlier releases, the program was so simple that it wasn’t with the ability of doing things people typically required. But little by little, stuff like voice over recording and even anti-shake has actually made their way right into What is currently an extremely useful totally free app for digital video editing.

You can just set up Movie Maker as the Essentials pack a free set of lifestyle and also utility apps for Windows 7 and also Windows 8 that likewise includes Windows Photo Gallery. Movie Maker mounts as a desktop application in Windows 8, unfortunately, is not available for Windows RT tablet computers.

Like iMovie, Movie Maker uses a simplified version of the standard video editor timeline, with clips represented by “long thumbnails.”

Video Editing Software - video editor

The thumbnail tracks optionally show you the audio wave forms along all-time low. So you can see where the loud as well as peaceful components of your video lay.

You get 5 size choices for the thumbs. Which is probably enough, and a zoom control at the bottom lets you extend these clip depictions. You could trim or split clips using the cursor insertion point combined with edit buttons. It’s quite easy once you obtain made use of to the unique editing system utilized by the app. You click at a point in your clip. As well as could after that drags the resulting insertion line around the timeline.

As with just about any kind of video editor, you could quit and also start playback with the space bar. However Movie Maker gives you the three control buttons, play/pause, and also go back as well as forward one frame.


Among the important things I really like about operating in Movie Maker is that the majority of the effects, transitions, and styles preview automatically when you just hover the mouse cursor over their buttons. An additional plus is the undo and redesign buttons are right up leading– video editing is a really trial-and-error process– yet I expect it’s too much to request for a history home window in such a simple application.


VirtualDub is powerful free video editing software for Windows with several outstanding features:

  • Compression,
  • Video splitting
  • and also the addition of audio tracks.

As totally free movie editing software. It has batch-processing capacities for taking care of multitudes of files and also can be extended with third-party video filters.

Free to capture videos of your favored moments is a way to protect your memories. Also so you might edit them based on your requirements or desire to make it attract attention of the globe.

Additionally some people have the pastime to shoot videos of their life moments and edit them. To give them a unique as well as lavishing look. And also share it with loved ones and on the social networking.

video editing software - video editor

And so you need to remain in search of an exemplary video editing software.

VirtualDub is such an astonishing video shooting and editing software. That is created intentionally for trimming and cleaning the video before sharing it or rather uploading to it. This VirtualDub software does not possess the ability like the Adobe Premiere. But it still is streamlined for quick straight tasks. The Batch-Processing feature of VirtualDub software has an excellent capability to process multitude of files. That could be increased with third-party video improves.

VirtualDub has the ability to delete segments of a video file along with adding new reordering the existing segments. A variety of video editing pockets exist in the “filter” option of VirtualDub. That could be utilized to decrease the video size to fifty percent. Or convert the video to grayscale or approximate rotation.

DaVinci Resolve

If you had accessibility to the video editing pro degree, after that you must try DaVinci Resolve 14. Besides multi-camera editing, 3D editing, motion blur effects, and spatial noise reduction which are just available on the paid version. DaVinci Resolve Studio, you could virtually do any type of professional video/audio editing and color correction with DaVinci Resolve 14.

Video Editing Software - video editor

Blackmagic’s objective to make DaVinci Resolve a one-stop-shop for NLE, color, and post sound is one step closer to fulfillment.

Along with making DaVinci Resolve 14 better software for audio professionals. Blackmagic also announced new components as well as performance for the URSA Mini Pro.


FFmpeg is an amazingly powerful open source command line tool for converting, streaming and recording audio and video.

That “command line” will certainly put many individuals off, as well as naturally it does suggest that the program is harder to make use of compared to a GUI converter. Yet don’t let that put you off. Although FFmpeg requires a little work to learn, you could still obtain productive extremely swiftly. Check out this:

ffmpeg -i video.avi video.mp4

As you could probably guess, the -i tells ffmpeg that video.avi is the input file, and it transforms that as well as waits to video.mp4. Required an MPG instead? Just specify video.mpg as the 2nd file name. Using video.mp3 will certainly draw out just the soundtrack, or video.gif will save it as a computer animated GIF.

Video Editing Software - video editor

FFmpeg supports a vast number of formats, also, which is why it’s the power behind lots of, possibly the majority of the freeware conversion tools around (commonly they’re just front ends which permit you to specify a file, after that pass the result in a regional copy of ffmpeg.exe).

Of course this is only a portion of just what you need. There are a vast variety of other commands to specify frames, resolutions, codecs, to specify exactly just how whatever is refined, and that really can get complicated. However you don’t need to make use of that, and even if you only ever learn -i, that’s still probably sufficient to justify the download.

FFmpeg is the gold standard for media conversion, streaming and also processing generally. It’s console-based, however fundamental procedures are easy, as well as if you’re tired of the typical underpowered adware-packed freeware (much of which make use of FFmpeg under the hood anyway) then it’s well worth a look.


Blender is the cost free open source 3D content production which supports all significant os under the GNU General Public License.

It has numerous advanced features, such as modifier-based modeling tools, powerful personality animation tools, a node-based material, and so on and also is one of the best video editors for both Windows and Mac.

You go back to square one, and also– unless you happen to be an Autodesk Maya expert– need to expect that you are mosting likely to have to check out the manual, adhere to the tutorials, and also do great deals of research. Lots.

However since it is completely free, it’s worth the effort if you are serious regarding 3D art as well as animation, whether amateur or pro, and have a lot of creative ability and also willpower.

Video Editing Software - video editor

One Blender feature that I wish extra programs incorporated is the addition of hitting the + key on the number pad while in the save dialog. If your filename includes a number, this faster way will auto-increment to the next number, and also automatically create a timeline of file saves as draft1, draft2, draft3. etc,

If you are a pro utilizing $3,500 AutoDesk Maya, you may likewise intend to take Blender for a spin. Although Maya is extra comfy for lots of artists, Blender’s ease-of-use is catching up quickly and also both programs have their toughness and weaknesses. You never understand– at your following job meeting you may be asked if you understand Blender; due to the fact that if you have the ability as well as expertise, you could do whatever in it that you could do in Maya and other high-end, high-price 3D modeling and also animation programs.


Blender is hard to get begun as well as harder to master, but once you have, you could provide 3D in the same organization as Maya as well as 3DStudio users.


Lightworks is a great free video editor or video editing software showcased with many video effects. It can edit as much as 256 video, audio, as well as still image clips. But the user interface is very technical many people find it awkward.

Whatever kind of project you want, Lightworks could assist you achieve it. If you simply intend to trim a video to size, or combine a number of short sections of footage before uploading them to YouTube, Lightworks’ well designed timeline will certainly assist you get the job done in moments. Once you’re done, Lightworks has preset profiles so you could export your work in the right format for your selected video-sharing website automatically.

Video-Editing Software video - editor

Just as, if you’re working on your own short film and need an advanced tool for post-production, Lightworks is packed with whatever you have to obtain your audio as well as visuals ideal. Real-time effects and also color correction aid you achieve the perfect look, as well as intricate making as well as encoding processes take place in the background so you can proceed working while they complete.

You begin by producing a project as well as setting a frame rate for the finished video– probably 30fps or 60fps. You’re then prepared to get to work. Lightworks lets you record video directly from video cameras, and import existing clips (both audio and video). When you have all your sources, you can start adding them to your timeline to create your initial cut. It looks frightening at first, however is surprisingly intuitive once you’ve spent time exploring.

Lightworks has a advanced realtime effects to assist you perfect your video, including color correction, blurs and masks. There are dozens of preset effects, or you could create your very own manually.


Wax is a high performance as well as flexible video editing program or video editing software which is good for both home users and also professionals. It can be utilized as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to various other video editors.

Wax: it’s totally free!

While it may not be as refined as Apple’s iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker, any kind of free video editing program is worth considering. Besides being freeware, its various other big perk is that. It can additionally use as a plugin for Pure Motion EditStudio, Adobe Premiere, and also Sony Vegas. Its major appeal though is that Wax is as powerful as it is flexible, with a standalone application mode for home users or beginners, as well as the plugin mode for other video editor NLEs (non-linear editing system) which is great for professional editors as well as compositors.

Video Editing Software - video editor

If you’re one of the people that are just concerned with splicing video clips together with enjoyable transition effects, after that you can rest easy recognizing Wax has dozens of effects presets, and some aesthetic effects have dozens of subcategories of their very own, putting the grand total at over 500 different presets to pick from.


Avidemux is a free video editor or video editing software. It is best for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports various file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 as well as ASF, making use of a range of codecs.

Avidemux is best for making quick edits as well as cuts. For advanced tasks you’re better off with a tool like Lightworks or VideoPad Video Editor, which use a full set of special effects and transitions.

Avidemux has quite a spartan interface. Unlike lots of video editors, there’s no central swimming pool for importing video clips, images and also audio files, and there’s no timeline with numerous tracks.

video editing software - video editor

Nonetheless, for simple edits, it’s perfect. Clipping a video is as simple as rubbing through the footage as well as setting start as well as end pens. You could likewise cut, duplicate as well as delete sections of video, as well as append one clip to one more (though there are no showy wipes or transitions available).

Although it’s not immediately apparent, you can also select the audio tracks (as much as 4), set up each one and remix for different speaker setups. You’ll also find a good selection of filters if you explore Avidemux’s Video menu (though these are all practical tools like noise reduction and deinterlacing rather than the trendy retro or pop art effects you’ll discover in various other video editors).

This is impressive, but the best feature of Avidemux is its selection of export options. That offer you total control over exactly how the audio and video are encoded. Unlike the majority of Avidemux’s tools, this is certainly one for more experienced professionals, and also makes it a very useful tool for serious videographers in addition to brand-new users.