Top 55+ Best Free Movie Downloads Sites To Download free movies [Full HD Movies]

free movie downloads

Best Free Movie Download Sites To Download free movies

If you all like to watch a movie like me, then you must read this post on TechWife. As you all know before, free movie downloads were not easy. The best advantage of downloading free movies is that we can download the free movie and we can watch it on our PC or on TV anytime.

How to download free movies for free?


Where can I download free movies?

There are many free movies download sites available in this digital world. You can go to these free Hollywood and Bollywood movies downloads websites and download thousands of movies to download.

But while downloading here you should always keep in mind that you can download a free movie legally only.

We must download the movie available in the public domain only. Here the public domain means that the copyright of that movie does not own an individual. Rather the public owns that movie.

This means that you can also download and watch that free movie too. You will not face any legal copyright issue when downloading the free movies in it.

Well if you have the option of streaming online movie rather than downloading, then you should use the option of the free online streaming movie.

With the option of Free Online Movie Streaming, you will have the option to watch more movies. But still available through the online movie streaming site for the only free watch movie online.

free movie downloads

You can not download the movie on your PC or mobile and you can not watch it for free movie offline.

But you can watch your favorite movie online at high quality through the online streaming site. On each of these online streaming sites, you can watch the movie of your choice as often as you like.

Apart from this, if you want an app to download music, then we have made a separate post available on TechWife.

If you have purchased a subscription to watch online movies. In this Movie Streaming Subscription, you also get the free movie downloads facility.

So, you can watch your favorite free movie whenever you want on your PC, TV or smartphone without an internet connection.

But before you take a movie streaming subscription, check that the movie streaming service will also offer you free movie downloading or not.

download free movies

If you are looking for more free options for Entertainment, then see how you can get free entertainment like free movie tickets, watch free TV online, free summer movies and Redbox rentals etc.

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Now I’m going to tell you about free movie downloads sites like free movie downloads no registration, free movie downloads no sign-up, free movie download sites without paying, download free movies online without a membership.

Then read further.

In addition to these free movie download sites, I am providing you links to many good free movie download sites. You can also use these sites to download a free movie or even online streaming.

S. no.Movies downloaing siteMovies Website URL
1YIFY Movies
3Bob Movies
4YouTube Movies
6Watch Streams
8Movie Watcher
9Web Archive Movies
101337x Movies
11Full 4 Movies
12Loaded Movies
13OK Punjab
14Mobile Movies
15DJ Yaar
16DIVX Crawler
17EMOL Movies
18iPagal Movies
19Download Any Movies
20WellTorrent Movies Torrents
21Movies 4 Star
23House Movies
24Xmovies 8
25Fully Watch Online
26MKV Cage
27My Download Tube
28AVI Mobile Movies
29C Movies HD
30HD Movies Maza
31My Cool Movies
32Filmy Wap 2017
33xFilmy Wap Movies
34CYRO Movies
35FZ Movies (Original)
36MKV Cinemas
37Movies Pur
38Download Free Movies
39Filmy Wap Free Movies
40FZ Movies
41Public Domain Torrents
43Couch Pota Movies Download
44Gingle Movies
46HD Movies Point
47See HD Movies
48MP4 Mania
49Fou Movies
50GO Download Movies
51HD Popcorns
52300 MB Movies
53Ocean of Movies

Public Domain Torrents – Free movie downloads

Public Domain Torrents is a great option for you to download free movies. You can search your favorite movie on this free movie downloads site. Here you will find many free movie results available.

Apart from this, on this free movie downloads site, you can browse movies by genres, top twenty, show a list of all movies, and newest twenty.

On this free movie download site, you are easily available to download classic movies and b-movies. Which you can watch on your TV or PC whenever you want.

free movie downloads

This free movie downloading website offers DivX AVI files for free movie downloads which can be easily played on the available video player in your computer.

If this DivX AVI file is not supported by the video player of your PC, then there is no concern. You can also play this movie in Free DivX Plus Player.

From the Free Movie Downloads site, you can download many movies for other PlayStation PSP, iPod and PDA too.

Internet Archive Movies

On Internet Archive Movies, we can download free movies like Scientific/horror, comedies, and foreign films etc.

This is a good choice for free movie download sites, download free movies. From the Free Movie Downloads site, you can watch movies based on their category and topics.

Apart from this, you can also search the movie of your choice on this movie download website. And you can find your favorite movie on this free movie site, but also on the basis of sub-collections of movies.

free movie downloads - Internet Archive Movies

After finding a movie of your choice, you can also download that free movie in full length.

You can download a free movie of your choice in different file formats as well. All of these video file formats support most of the video players available on your computer.

Apart from this, VLC Media Player is a good alternative, which supports most video file formats.

Free Classic Movies

From this free movie downloads site, you can easily download a movie of your choice. As it is called “Free Classic Movies”, this free download site offers you the ability to download free movies.

On this free movie download site, you can browse the movie of your choice on the basis of the list or you can also search on the basis of a specific time period such as the 1970-79 etc.

Also on this movie download website, you can find movies based on alphabetical or by movies by a person.

free movie downloads - Free Classic Movies

From this on the free movie online download site, on the download page of the movie, you will find all the details about the movie such as movie summary and actress details.

On this movie site, you can stream the movie or download the movie from the link to MP4 version.

You get this free movie download file in many resolutions such as 720 * 526, 986 * 720 etc.

Stream Instead of Download

Free movie downloading is a good choice to see that movie on the free streaming site. This will give you more movie options.

Nowadays almost all free movie streaming options are becoming available well. You will not have nearly any slow down notice during movie streaming.

If there is something like this in your mind such as How do you download a movie on a laptop? Or how can I download movies for free online to my Android, iPhone or iPad?

So I have been given the answer as a link to the free movie download site.

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