10+ Best features of Lenovo P2 and Tips and Tricks You Should Know

lenovo p2

Best features of Lenovo P2 and Tips and Tricks

Everyone who bought a Lenovo P2 or is planning to buy one, wants to know what it’s capable or, Or what’s you can do with this phone And I am going to show you just that I’ll start out with some well-known stuff, so can skip that, if you know about them.

1. Lenovo P2 Battery

We have a massive 5100 mah battery, which is the USP of this device. But it also comes with a fast charger that can charge the phone completely in 90 minutes. For a better battery life, always keep the battery of your phone above 20% and below 80% Reverse charging You can charge other phones with your phone, using a USB cable and the USB adapter, I tried it with vibe x3, and it too had reverse charging.

2. Lenovo P2 Screen

Next, we have an Amoled Screen. It’s not your regular IPS display, colors are vivid, black is true blacks, and to know how awesome it, On the whole, it looks good and helps save a little battery. Ultimate power saving mode and the button on the left. It makes your Smartphones a dumb feature phone But increases your battery life a lot. It can easily last you more than a week on a single charge, With Lenovo P2 we have a dedicated button on the left to enable this mode. And switch between these modes is faster than before Having a Super AMOLED screen helps to save more battery Snapdragon 625 Chip.

lenovo p2

3. Lenovo P2 Performance

This is the first mid-range processor build on 14nm FinFet technology, It’s basically very power efficient, Now it’s not as power of sd650 or 652, but it’s good for regular usage, and it doesn’t have any heating issues, The max I have seen while playing Nova 3 was 44 degrees navigation bar This is the first phone from Lenovo to come with a navigation bar or on screen buttons They are definitely a great upgrade for the non-backlit capacitive buttons seen on all the previous Lenovo phones. We can change the position of this button, and even hide them if you don’t want them always on the screen

4. Lenovo P2 Finger print scanner

Next, we have a Finger print scanner on the front I am pretty sure this is also a first for Lenovo. It is super fast, and as fast as the flagships out there, Finger print gestures Sorry, but this is a new thing for Lenovo too. You can touch to go back Touch and hold to go to recent apps page Press to go to home Press and hold for Google; s now on tap Between you can use it along with navigation bar, or just the gestures too Double tap to wake or knock to wake feature. This is probably the most underrated feature, which Lenovo is still providing. It works as it’s supposed to, and it’s quite handy, to wake your device, just to check the time or notifications.

5. Lenovo P2 Camera

Quick snap There might be many situations in your life, where you want to take a picture immediately, and by the time you open your camera app, the moment is lost But with this feature, you can press any of the volume buttons twice, to quickly take a picture As you are in a hurry, it might not come out as a perfect shot, but it’s still nice to have this feature. Between you can also press the power button twice to open the camera app, quickly when the device is locked High sensitive touch.

6. Lenovo P2 Micro mode

If you had to use your phone with gloves, you can enable this mode, and improve touch sensitivity Micro mode or what we usually call, one-handed mode Draw a c curve from edge to edge to enable it.

7. Lenovo P2 VR mode

You can even resize the screen to your preference Vr mode.
That is a trademark feature of Vibe series phones, but, we got it even in the P series Once you enable this mode It splits the screen into two parts, and you can enjoy whatever content in a VR headset.
That is what Lenovo calls theater max technology, with a right VR headset, like Proclus Pro, it works Between you can’t use VR mode, if the micro mode is enabled.

lenovo p2

8. Lenovo P2 Dual apps

Dual Apps With this feature You can run two instances of any app Like two WhatsApp account, 2 Facebook accounts and so on It’s quite handy, if you have a WhatsApp number for work and your personal life, and want them both on the same phone. They gave us this feature. But it’s half-baked, as we can’t see the second app, in other third party launchers, you need to use the stock launcher Secure zone. That is another trademark feature from Lenovo, Which is like a small box in your phones, which you can lock with a password, and have a different set of apps, and hide files It’s a nice concept.
But considering the specs of this phone. I wouldn’t suggest you use this feature. It will make your phone slower Between you can’t use secure zone and dual app both at once. We have gyroscope sensor So we can watch VR content and play VR games, without any issues Otg support I tried it with an HDD, just for fun, it worked I tried a 1tb Seagate HDD with the NTFS format, and I don’t know about others.

9. Lenovo P2 Notification

Notification log We have a button for notification log, on the bottom left corner of the notification bar, It records all the notifications that you get, It’s a nice feature to spy on others and to check out your previous notification Background app management.
Using this feature, you can prevent apps from starting in the background; It’s a must have a feature to improve battery life Simply forbid auto start permission for all the app you don’t regularly use, As some honorable mentions. We have NFC. You might be able to utilize it for wireless payments, once it’s available in India, We have screen cast built into the os.

We have led notification light, FM Radio, E-Compass A brightness protection mode, which Lenovo like to call, Night mode It simply reduces the brightness further, We have a feature called, Wide touch, which gives us a floating bubble, just like in iPhone, with some quick shortcuts and gestures. We have multi-user support.
But I would suggest you not to use it, as it will affect the performance of the phone We have a theme center, to change some aspects of the phone like icons, wallpapers, lock screens, Default one looks better and it’s always more usable.

Also, We have auto call recording built into the OS. You can find the settings, in your phone dialer app. We also have 4k video recording option Between we have lot of bloatware, preinstalled, So take some time, and uninstall them, if you don’t use them It will consume space, and drain your battery, Even if you do not use them

10. Lenovo P2 Google’s DayDream

And finally, this device might support, Google’s DayDream features. That is what I think, as it has the same specs as Moto Z play, and it is said to support DayDream. Anyway, that’s what I think.