Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

iphone 7 plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus has been out for a little while currently. It is tried, it is examined, as well as I assume most of us could agree, this is a pretty solid smartphone. Still, the Galaxy S8 is here, specifically, the Galaxy S8 Plus. It huge, it is beautiful, and we’re about to read just how this two stack up side by side.

Before I jump in, for the keyboard warrior available in mid-stroke today, yes, You got to consider; some people may be looking to update now as well as some people may be reading this exact post on their priceless iPhone 7 Plus lured and also wanting to jump ship over to Android.

iphone 7 plus

Additionally, at the end of the day, I’m prepared to wager that a lot of you around will be more than happy with either of these phones, specifically if I were to give one away. If that’s something you wish to read, please subscribe TechWife, so you do not miss out on when that occurs.

Delving into things, I am not going to sugarcoat things.
The Galaxy S8 Plus is the better-looking smartphone. What Samsung has done right here genuinely has me excited as well as, if I’m honest, makes the iPhone 7 Plus seem a little outdated. The kicker right here for me, and also I’m sure for a lot of you available as whole, is what Samsung is calling their infinity display. What it is, essentially, is edge-to-edge glass that provides the center finger to bezels and looks freaking beautiful.


As far as the footprint goes, if you look close the Galaxy S8 Plus is just slightly taller than the 7 Plus, however, surprisingly, it is a lot more narrow, which makes it easier to hold in one hand. Truthfully, the craziest thing about this, regardless of how close they remain in size physically, the S8 Plus is packing a 6.2-inch display inside there where the iPhone 7 Plus is looking kinda small at 5.5. So, those are some serious screen games. – All kinds, screen gains, oh. – Now as for within those 5.5 inches, the iPhone 7 Plus has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 while the S8 Plus is packing all sort of pixels with a resolution of 2960 x 1440.

Currently, especially the majority of those extra pixels are coming vertically. What that’s going to do is give you a much taller display on the Galaxy S8 Plus, which’s cool, specifically if you’re holding your phone in portrait mode since you can after that, essentially, stack layers on top of each various other. However, if you flip things and view full-screen video similar to this, then that’s where the 18.5 x9 aspect ratio does obtain a little weird, specifically, you’ll notice two black bars on the side. While that isn’t a deal-breaker, some people could be turned off by it.

On the other side, with the iPhone 7 Plus having a 16×9 aspect ratio, those black bars are non-existent. In regards to quality, yes, the iPhone 7 Plus is a solid, great-looking display but if we’re talking wow factor, brightness, intensity, if I’m A-B-ing both side-by-side, I’m going to the Galaxy S8 Plus. Currently, admittedly, I am not the greatest fan of spec comparisons.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


But also for those that learned more about, the iPhone 7 Plus is packing Apple’s A10 Fusion chip, which essentially is a pair of dual-core processors, one high performance and after that one low performance, 3 gigabytes of RAM, and a 2,900 milliamp hour battery. Flipping sides to the Galaxy S8 Plus It’s also similar in the sense where we see a pair of processors. However, in this case, that’s a pair of quad-core processors, four gigabytes of RAM, as well as slightly larger 3,500 milliamp hour battery.

This is the point in the article where I clarify why I’m not the most significant fan of spec comparisons because theoretically, one might see the eight total cores on the Galaxy S8 Plus and also presume. That it is infinitely faster and also better compared to the four total cores in the iPhone 7 Plus, when that truly isn’t the case. Even in things like synthetic benchmarks take Geekbench 4, as an example. The Galaxy S8 Plus hardly defeats the iPhone 7 Plus regarding the multi-core score which is with double the cores. Hop over to the single core side of things, as well as it’s an entirely various tale. The iPhone 7 Plus, in fact, smokes the Galaxy S8 Plus. However, does that mean the iPhone 7 Plus is infinitely better, faster, which you should exclusively base your decision based on benchmarks?

No other way. The point that I wish to resemble as well as get across is that in regards to performance, both of these are truly fast phones. So much, in fact, that performance and benchmarks must not be the sole focus of your buying decision.

First, it is the features around it that bring every little thing together. Providing you an example of where specs aren’t every little thing, what I did was take a 4K video, slice it down to 45 seconds and afterward export a 720p version. The iPhone 7 Plus has half the cores, so, theoretically, it must be slower compared to the Galaxy S8 Plus. However, it exports the video much faster, around 15 seconds, where the Galaxy S8 Plus is over 20. Now, once again, this doesn’t mean the iPhone 7 is instantly better. If you like Android, I’m certain those extra 6, seven seconds typically aren’t going to kill you but it is an archetype of why you shouldn’t always listen to specs, numbers, as well as benchmarks.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Now, certainly, it is water time.

First off, Galaxy S8 Plus.
Follow things up including the iPhone 7 Plus; we are back in business. Things are damp however both passed the water examination.


As far as the cameras work, although the rear camera is pretty similar at 12 megapixels, as much the front cameras work, there is a pretty distinctive benefit on the S8 Plus. That features an 8-megapixel sensor instead of the seven on the iPhone 7 Plus. Actually, beyond those megapixels, I think the Galaxy S8 just merely outperforms the iPhone.

Something I notice most about these two shots, beyond the bigger angle on the S8 Plus being nicer is the dynamic range. With the S8 Plus, you could still see the clouds in the sky, whereas with the iPhone 7 Plus, whatever sort of gets blew out. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to appear like a flying pet dog with vapor coming out of his ears as well as some oddly put paws or a pair of some pretty weird sheep, like me as well as my pal Rich, you can only do that on the Galaxy S8 Plus. – Ooh. – Damn, consider this face track.

So, as far as the front-facing cameras run, to make things a little extra fascinating, we understand both phones are water and also dirt resistant, so I think it only fits that we check it out this way. First up is the Galaxy S8 Plus. Near, we have the iPhone 7 Plus with that sweet gold carbon fiber cover from ColorWare.

Beyond just video quality in the front-facing cameras, if microphone as well as audio quality issues to you, I would claim both of these perform pretty closely. Although, I’ll give the small edge to the iPhone 7 Plus. And also shout out to this two dude for tearing it up on music. Hopping over to the rear-facing cameras

Once again, both of these do attribute 12-megapixel sensing units. Although, the Galaxy S8 Plus must perform a little better in low light with an f-stop of 1.7 as compared to f/1.8 on the iPhone 7 Plus. One recognizable difference with the iPhone 7 Plus that you are not getting with the S8 is twin lenses, which essentially provides you two focal sizes.

Right here’s shot on the iPhone 7 Plus using the main lens at 28 millimeters and afterward right here’s a shot hopping over to the second lens at 56 millimeters. One thing worth discussing is the second lens on the 7 Plus isn’t most likely to perform almost in addition to the main lens. Keeping that second 56-millimeter lens, you’re getting an f-stop of f/2.8 as compared to the main 28-millimeter lens including an f-stop of f/1.8, you are letting in a lot less light.

An additional advantage keeping that the second lens is what Apple calls portrait mode, which is going to assist you to get that great, obscured out history. It’s not ideal, by any means. However, it’s a lot better than the software program substitute one below on the Galaxy S8 Plus. I felt like in certain shots; I liked the S8 Plus. In others, I prefer the iPhone.

iPhone 7 Plus

This set, in particular, is where I prefer the iPhone over the S8, specifically, one, as the sky is much nicer, plus then, two, the Adidas text is much more clear as well as easier to continue reading the iPhone 7 Plus. And shout out to Rich’s tri-colors. Alternatively, right here’s an example of where I prefer the S8 Plus over the iPhone 7. I believe it comes down to the S8 doing far better in low light. For me, what bulges specifically regarding this image is the light around the sign. It’s a little more natural and, on the whole, just an extra pleasing image.

Flipping sides once again, in these two shots right here, I prefer the iPhone 7 Plus. The S8 Plus image is sharp right here, but if you look closely at the trees and also the blossoms, it practically becomes a little over-processed. Where every little thing in the iPhone Plus just feels a little extra natural.

Next off, restating my point about low light, the Galaxy S8 Plus triumphs here. Truly what it comes down to is, from the package, you’re getting some instantaneously rewarding images. With the S8 Plus, This is better in low light without a doubt. However, I assume both are really solid cameras, and the iPhone is most likely to give you a much less saturated, less sharp, as well as an overall even more natural image.

So, here we get on the iPhone 7 Plus, and also it’s a pretty good low light examination considering that we’re pretty much right at sundown. If I’m most likely to presume, I’m going to say the iPhone 7 Plus probably does not look as good out of the box as the S8 Plus, yet the stabilizing is most likely most likely to be excellent.


As soon as we begin to walk around, we get a little closer, as well as it begins to draw focus, you kind of change that way, I’m going to give that edge to the iPhone 7 Plus. Here we more than on the S8 Plus, not exactly certain just how this looks. Rich, how’s it look? – [Rich] Not looking just as good as the iPhone. Picture it looks better and also all I get is hate comments. – Rich, you blind as– So, hopping back right into the layout.

Due to Samsung’s infinity display, you could have observed there is no longer a physical home button. It’s sort of much like what we saw on the iPhone 7 as well as 7 Plus, where the most effective way I can explain this is if both phones were off as well as you press the button, nothing would happen.

The difference with the Galaxy S8 Plus is the home button is developed right into that freaking screen. The iPhone 7 Plus furthermore gives you physical home button feel whereas, with the Galaxy S8 Plus, you’re pressing the display. So, in regards to pure tech badassery, yes, the S8 Plus having the home button in the display, feels very advanced. However, it does leave a couple of issues.

The first which is the fingerprint reader on the S8 Plus is now situated, oddly, on the back. And, do not get me wrong, I do not mind fingerprint readers on the back of the phone when it is performed effectively however with the S8 Plus, it’s kinda weird because you don’t know where you’re pressing.

Often, I kept swiping as well as smearing up the electronic camera. Regarding the fingerprint reader goes, I prefer the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s easier to accessibility; it’s a little more natural, as well as it makes me want Samsung would certainly go above and beyond and put the fingerprint reader into their infinity display.

If you hop right into setups, there is an alternative where you could unlock your phone by pressing the home button of your lock screen. The problem here, though, is there is no degree of safety and security. Once more, if Samsung might’ve included the fingerprint reader below, it would’ve been amazing.

Yes, the Galaxy S8 Plus has an iris scanner, it has face unlock. However, those still feel a little newfangled at this moment. I have no wish to unlock my phone with my face. Proceeding, we’re going to play a game of things I like on the Galaxy S8 Plus, beginning with USB-C. As the majority of you realize, Apple utilizes their exclusive Lightning cable and also it truly makes me wish, Tim Cook, please, guy, proceed the USB-C because if every little thing were one single cable, it would be incredible. Beside that sweet USB-C port, you’ll likewise notice on the Galaxy S8 Plus; there is still a headphone jack.

Speaking of headphones, a rather cool move Samsung did here was to incorporate a pretty sweet pair of AKG headphones in the package. These apparently are around a hundred dollars. If you compare certain with the Lightning-based EarPods which cost 29, Samsung takes the cake right here.

Exactly what I do really like regarding this move, though, is the type of puts some pressure on Apple to step things up. I think the equivalent right here would be for Apple to consist of a pair of AirPods with the iPhone. They do not desire us making use of cords. So, if that’s the case, make it simple also give us AirPods.

Flipping things for a second, one thing I like about the 7 Plus is that it integrates stereo speakers. This’s something that Galaxy S8 Plus does not own. (“Love & War” by Yellow Claw) Now, I comprehend, hearing those two compared side-by-side with video is not better compared to hearing them face to face yet I will certainly state the Galaxy S8 Plus does hold its very own regarding volume.

As for sheer sound quality as well as quality, the stereo speakers on the 7 Plus sound better. Regarding battery life, despite the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus is technically a smaller ability, when I’ve used one, I’ve never had a problem making it through an entire day. A few various other cool things with the Galaxy S8 Plus is you’re getting Micro SD card development approximately 256 gigabytes.

Past that is Bluetooth 5.0, which is kind of cool because you can regulate two different Bluetooth gadgets separately, something you could refrain on the iPhone 7 Plus. You likewise have a wireless charge on S8 Plus, although whenever I bring up wireless charging every person go crazy since no person suches as wireless charging, however, you have it anyways.

I’m not most likely to dive way too much right into Bixby. Although, I will certainly say I can not stand the devoted Bixby button on the S8 Plus because each time I go to press the volume rocker, Why do not you ask your girlfriend Google Assistant or Siri, your side chick? – And, there isn’t a great deal to cover on iOS versus Android. Each of them has their stamina and their weak points. Android is going to get you a ton a lot more personalization and also tweak-ability. And also iOS is going to get you iMessage. So, at the end of the day, you can see the Galaxy S8 Plus is most possible to put a ton of pressure on Apple with the iPhone 8.

Accumulated beside the iPhone 7 Plus, in regards to sheer innovation, the Galaxy S8 Plus is the cooler phone. Besides that, thanks, guys very much for keeping reading TechWife. Make sure you’re subscribed right here.