Top 14 Best Android Emulators for PC You Should Try

Android emulator

Android Emulator for PC

Android emulator: Android emulators have actually ended up being progressively classy over the last few years. This isn’t surprising considering that they’re easy to access and also they offer the best method of benefiting from the series of Android apps straight on your computer. There are great deals of legitimate reasons that a person would certainly wish to run Android emulators on their PC. App developers could be aiming to examine their application prior to shipping it out. Players may wish to make use of a mouse and also keyboard on their games. Maybe you simply want it there to have it.

Which Android emulators are best for a Windows PC?

Bear in mind: first of all, it’s important to recognize that the fluidity as well as speed of the task execution with these emulators relies on your computer’s efficiencies, although some of them have additional optimizations for some cpus and graphics chips. Along with this, you’ll notice that the interface does not change a lot, besides the variety of options showed, which are more or less various depending on what the user opts for. All the emulators noted below can be installed and also utilized for free, yet additional features as well as getting rid of any kind of adverts will require payment.

Regardless, Android emulation on PC is possible and we’re most likely to have a look at the very best Android emulators for PC. Please note, the process is seldom easy and also some of these require some technical knowledge. Likewise note that much of these emulators are made essentially the same way. It’s a matter of finding the one that works for you! Allows start!


Android emulator

However, picking the appropriate Android emulator may end up being a difficult task, as if not selected properly they can truly slow down your Computer.

So, right here we bring you the best 14 Android emulators for your PC.

Let’s get started.


To this day, BlueStacks has been one of the most prominent emulator, and probably the most secure, in terms of dependability in apps. Why is that? Having actually utilized it myself for a while on a few of my devices, I never needed to spend for anything; this can often appear to be instead invasive. Unless you do Ctrl + Alt + Delete to kill the jobs running in the background of Windows, BlueStacks provides you the option– and it tells you in a specific message– to display advertising that promotes apps in order to proceed making use of the service free of cost. Otherwise, you’d need to pay a sum of money to quit the advertising and also you can then use the service without any disruptions.

Any person could use BlueStacks completely free and also without limits, with or without a Google account as it will certainly simulate a submarine OS on your PC. Currently, BlueStacks is one of the most reliable Android emulator offered for Windows, in addition to providing fail-safe compatibility with all sort of PCs. You do not have to have an all new PC for the emulator to work properly as it can run on a 2013 desktop without a lot of issues, although an added graphics chip is recommended. To conclude, BlueStacks works hand in hand with streamers with its openness towards Twitch.

Price: Free/ $2 monthly.


Droid4X, which is likewise free, might not have one of the most attractive interfaces however it works flawlessly. Unlike various other blocked emulators, this is much more open as it permits the user to have control, including all basic Android settings. In regards to fluidity, it’s excellent however far from being as successful as both other emulators mentioned over.

Like the formerly mentioned emulators, you can likewise keep videos, in addition to photos of your face (with the assistance of a webcam). For those who wish to give gaming a go, it’s worth noting that gaming controllers are additionally suitable. To verify the controllers, Droid4X asks you to check a QR code. In the emulator’s settings, you could change the display resolution in addition to the emulator’s efficiency level. As a general guideline, it’s recommended that you allocate no greater than half of your PC’s capability to this. As an example, you’ll need to allocate 2 GB out of the 4 GB of RAM and 2 out of the 4 quad-core processor cores.

Price: Free.

Android Studio’s emulator

Android Studio is the Google-approved development IDE for Android. It has a bunch of tools to assist developers make apps and games particularly for Android. As it ends up, there is also an integrated emulator that you can make use of to test out your app or game. Plainly, this is not a good option for those looking to use it at a consumer level. Nevertheless, those creating apps do already have a powerful (and also free) tool at their disposal to assist evaluate their apps. It’s a nuisance to establish, however it’s less complicated to make use of when you do.

Price: Free.

Nox App Player

Nox is equally as fluid as BlueStacks as well as much faster. It’s an option that was released not as well long earlier and also looks promising. Far from being as exceptional as a typical PC, I was pleasantly stunned by the task execution speed of the emulator, although some elements did give it a run for its money. This was especially a concern with power-hungry games. I really did not notice many problems when it comes to app usage, other than the non-compatibility of some apps.

Currently, Nox App Player has a considerable advantage over BlueStacks: it’s free. Along with being free, there’s likewise no advertising. To ideal the user experience, the emulator replicates a range of functions, much like those on an Android mobile phone. If you have a touch screen, you can simulate the touch function. Which’s not all: you can additionally do screenshots (of images or videos), quantity control, and installation of an APK file, restarting as well as multiple sessions.

Price: Free.

Andy OS

Although I have actually had little to do with it throughout the years (due to the fact that I really did not need it), Andy OS was the choice that I utilized for a very long time to get away from several of the boring/cumbersome elements of BlueStacks. The Andy OS emulator, which is completely free, has established considerably over the last few months leading to an improved navigating device that is a lot more responsive with a mouse. Prior to this, Andy OS could not process a long faucet. In the game Clash of Clans, I’ll allow you envision the experience that I experienced in developing teams. In addition to being fantastic ergonomically, the interface is additionally more attractive with its mix of KitKat and Marshmallow. It’s various yet positive to use.

Unlike the three various other emulators installed on KitKat (Android 4.4+), Andy OS isn’t as advanced as it was shut down during the 2nd version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2). In regards to features, it’s additionally slightly less detailed than the others. On the various other hands, it uses outstanding stability whatsoever levels. In summary, the android emulator is completely free if you download it for personal usage. If it’s for business, Andy OS charges $12 per month or $99 annually. By buying this version, specialists or individuals that desire to add are offered with emulator compatibility on Mac as well as Linux, along with Windows, as well as with Premium support as well as access to every one of Andy OS’s previous versions.

Price: Free.


AMIDuOS is first on our checklist as well as this is a reasonably newer Android emulator for PC. This is available in 2 flavors: Lollipop as well as Jelly Bean. Other than the version kind, the just other difference between the two is Jelly Bean costs $10 while Lollipop costs $15. Fortunately is that those are one-time charges. AMIDuOS runs very well for multiple functions. A lot of its features are productivity based. That makes it an excellent option for those who want to use it for things like office usage, research, etc. There typically aren’t any specific gaming features, however it does run games instead well. Developers could use it for basic testing, but it will not be terrific for advanced stuff. It’s good overall and also worth a chance.

Price: Free Trial/ $10-$ 15.


This Android emulator is geared towards developers that want to examine their apps or games on a variety of devices without actually being required to have those devices. You could configure the android emulator for a variety of devices with different versions of Android to help suit your requirements. As an example, you can run a Nexus One with Android 4.2 or a Nexus 6 with Android 6.0. You could conveniently switch over in between “devices” at will. It’s not fantastic for consumer uses, yet Genymotion does offer their solutions free of cost for personal use.

Price: Free with paid options.

Android emulator

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player by Jide is just one of the newer Android emulator for PC. It’s additionally the only one that runs Android Marshmallow as opposed to Android Lollipop or Kit Kat. The installation process is pretty straightforward and also utilizing it additionally fairly easy. It’s constructed for gaming so you’ll have a variety of options using the sidebar to customize the experience to your liking. It’s brand-new, so they’re still exercising some bugs. Nevertheless, it still works better than many and also it’s free in perpetuity. The only main caveat is that it doesn’t support AMD CPUs.

Price: Free.


KoPlayer is a newer Android emulator for PC. It has likewise handled to fly under many readers until recently. Its main focus is for gaming. You’ll have the ability to make use of key mapping to imitate a controller with your keyboard. Gamers will likewise be able to videotape game play as well as upload it anywhere they want. The install process is easy sufficient and it appears to work alright. Like most emulators, it does have issues that you’ll face arbitrarily. It costs itself as a middle-of-the-road android emulator. You’ll be able to use it for a variety of things. The only poor side is that it is still buggy. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent, free option.

Price: Free.


Manymo is a fascinating option. Mostly the android emulator is online. That not just makes it cross-platform with virtually every desktop OS, but it must additionally service every computer despite its chipset. It has a variety of dimensions that you could pick from. Additionally, there are some development tools. It’s for developers greater than any individual else. That makes it a bad choice for consumer use. Their prices structure is based around how many emulators you feel like making use of on an internet site.

Price: Free Trial/ $9 to $199 monthly.


Windroy is a classic. It’s one of the older Android emulators for PC. As such, it’s difficult to recommend it to everyone. Think of this as a last ditch effort if none of the newer, more updated ones work out right. We’ve heard that it works best on older versions of Windows. It’s primarily for productivity. You’ll have the ability to run office apps conveniently enough. Game support is less reliable. At least, the emulator is free to download and also sets up quickly sufficient. It’s worth trying. Particularly for older machines

Price: Free.


MEmu is an additional of the up and coming Android emulators that seems to do quite well. One of its largest features is support for both AMD and Intel chipsets. That’s rarer compared to you ‘d think. Additionally, it supports Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and also Lollipop. You could even run multiple instances at once. That makes it one of minority emulators that goes as high as Lollipop. Like lots of, you can utilize this for practically whatever you desire. It’ll support most games and the majority of apps. Nonetheless, we recommend it mainly for productivity. It’s free to download as well as make use of if you wish to.

Price: Free.


YouWave is among the older Android emulators for PC. It’s been around for a long period of time. However, it was last updated in mid-2016 so it’s fairly present. The free version uses Ice Cream Sandwich. Forking out the $29.99 will get you the Lollipop version. It seems to work pretty well. The installation process was easy sufficient. It does not have any type of game specific features but it will still play games. That makes it good for light gaming and productivity. This set has had a fair bit a lot more development compared to a lot of as well as we recommend it to those trying this whole process out for the very first time.


Xamarin is an IDE. It’s comparable to Android Studio. The difference is that it could linked into things like Microsoft Visual Studio. Additionally like the Android Studio, this includes a built-in emulator for developers. It’s for developers only unless you seem like setting up a whole development environment to use it. Xamarin’s emulator is not as powerful as something like Genymotion, however it’ll get the job done if you intend on utilizing this. It’s free for personal usage. Companies and bigger groups could need to negotiate a payment strategy.

Price: Free/ Varies.

Price: Free/ $29.99.